On February 13th, the Spartan community tragically lost 3 of its members and witnessed 5 other students gravely injured. As a result, the trajectories of Michigan State University, its students, staff, faculty, and families have been changed forever. Although we may be grieving and dealing with these events in our own ways, now is the time for Spartans to come together and show the world our resilience and strength. We show this strength through supporting our fellow community members, spreading love when those around us need it the most, and demanding change when the barriers to change seem insurmountable.

We ask you to please remember these Spartans:

  • Arielle Anderson
  • Alexandria Verner
  • Brian Fraser
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Five students are still battling for their lives and we will also ask you to keep them in mind.

It's okay to ask for help


We are all Spartan Strong

Spartan Statue with flowers